Basic Special Weapons And Tactics Course

4 or 5 Day Course

This course provides law enforcement officers operating as a tactical team instruction in various specialized tactical operational techniques designed for use in crisis, life endangering emergency situations which often involve armed confrontation. Emphasis is placed on officer and public safety through tactical team intervention to solve these crisis.

Course Objective:
To prepare officers to evaluate, react to and control emergency situations of a critical or unusual nature.
To develop self-reliance, self-confidence, and awareness of ones physical limitations and the need for team effort in problem solving situations.
To develop practical skill in unusual arrest and rescue operations with emphasis on small unit tactics and team work.
To develop familiarity and proficiency with firearms and non-lethal methods of arrest and control.

Course Content - Dependent on 4 or 5 day course
Physical Training (Individual Student Evaluation)
Swat organization and mission
Individual and team equipment
Critical incident response
Individual and team movement
Tactical firearms training
Chemical agents
Building entry, movement, and search techniques
Critical problem exercise

Tuition: $450.00 - 4 Day $550.00 - 5 Day  Per Person/ includes a Course Manual and 4 or 5 days practical application.

Equipment Required: Personal Swat Uniform and gear to include, Weapons, (Handgun/Shoulder Weapon) Ballistic Vest, Headgear, Gasmask, Eye & Ear Protection, Gloves, Communication Equipment, Repelling Equipment, Gym Clothes, 600 rds Handgun Ammo, 400 rds Shoulder Weapon Ammo, Diversionary Devices, and old Chemical Munitions.

Instructor: RON FRIGULTI Background: Ron is a former combat Marine. 25 years as an FBI Special Agent (Ret.). 17 years as Principal Firearms Instructor. 15 years FBI SWAT Sniper & Team Leader. FBI Certified Firearms Instructor.

Registration Information: Reservations will be accepted by completing a registration form or by calling (877)308-3006 or (541)549-1090 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. A $100.00 non-refundable deposit will be required to reserve a slot in this course. Slots fill quickly, so call early to reserve your position.


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