Course Descriptions

Active Shooter Response for Schools, Corporations and Other Businesses

Advanced Urban Sniper Course 

AR/M16 Armorer Course

ArmaLite M15 Armorer Course

Basic Sniper/Observer Course

Basic Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) Course

Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Maintenance and Tune-Up Course

Combat Tactics and Firearms Course

Critical Incident: Management, Intervention and Resolution Course

Firearms Instructor Course

Firearms Instructor Recertification Course

Firearm Strategies & Tactics For Female Officers

First Responders Tactics And Negotiations For Crisis Incidents

High Risk Entry Course

Introduction To Executive Protection

Patrol Carbine/Rifle Operator Instructor Course

Patrol Officer Series

Patrol Carbine Course

Precision Rifle II Course

Select Fire Instructor Development Course

Shotgun Armor Course

Shoulder Fired Weapon Instructor Development Course

Specialized Sniper/Observer Course

Sniper Extreme Course

SWAT and Negotiators Strategies for Crisis Incidents

Tactical Carbine/Sub-Gun Instructor Development Course

Tactical Firearms Instructor Development Course

Tactical Medic Course

Tactical Pistol Course

Tactical Shotgun Course

Tactical Shotgun Instructor Development Course

Taser Defense Course

Urban Long Range Sniper

Vehicle and Bus Assault Interdiction Course

Weapon Retention and Handcuffing Course

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