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Ronnie J. Frigulti

Debra S. Frigulti

Bruce D. Park


Ronnie J. Frigulti - President/Primary Instructor

Ronnie J. Frigulti is a United States Marine Corps Combat Veteran having served as an infantry platoon and company commander in Vietnam, 1968-1969.

He has a BA degree in Public Administration and a MA degree in Criminal Justice. He retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Special Agent with Twenty-five years service in the Los Angeles Field Office.

During his career with the FBI, he served on the Los Angeles FBI Swat Team for fifteen years where he was a sniper, sniper team Leader, and Assault Team Leader. He was certified by the FBI as a firearms, defensive tactics, and police instructor for twenty-two years. He was appointed as the Principal Firearms Instructor for the Los Angeles FBI Field Office and served in that capacity for seventeen years until his retirement from the FBI.

Mr. Frigulti directed the Los Angeles FBI Police Training Unit that was responsible for the tactical and firearms training of agents as well as instructing local law enforcement and the military. He conducted classes in firearms, defensive tactics, chemical agents, physical fitness, officer survival, Swat, and other related tactical courses.

In 1996, he was certified by the FBI as a Master Police Instructor. He was a California certified POST Police Instructor and NRA Police Firearms Instructor.

Upon retirement, he has continued to provide training to law enforcement and military personnel. He now resides in central Oregon with his wife who is a Special Agent with the FBI and his dogs. In the summer of 2000, he established Police Training Consultants, LLC. Police Training Consultants, LLC (PTC) is a firearms and tactical training/consulting company dedicated to officer safety by providing fundamental and practical training to officers in law enforcement and the military. Mr. Frigulti brings to PTC his experience in the military, law enforcement, and as a law enforcement trainer/instructor and his passion for teaching.

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Debra S. Frigulti - Senior Instructor


Debra S. Frigulti is a 25 year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  She served as a Special Agent in five field offices where she investigated a variety of federal violations to include bank robberies, fugitives, kidnappings, white collar crime, terrorism and foreign counter intelligence.   

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).  In addition, she received her Master of Arts and Secondary Teaching Credential also from the University of California at Los Angeles.  

Ms. Frigulti served as a FBI firearms instructor for 18 years.  She was assigned to the Los Angeles FBI Police Training Unit where she was certified by the FBI to instruct firearms, defensive tactics, physical fitness, hostage negotiations and other related tactical courses.  During this tenure, Ms. Frigulti instructed agents, police officers, and military personnel cumulating in her appointment as the Principal Firearms Instructor for the Los Angeles FBI Field Office.  Ms. Frigulti is a NRA police firearms instructor.

In 1997,  Ms. Frigulti was designated a Master Police Instructor by the FBI Academy.  This title recognizes those FBI instructors who significantly contributed to the FBI Field Police Training Program.

Upon retirement from the FBI, Ms. Frigulti began instructing for Police Training Consultants, LLC.  With the addition of Ms. Frigulti, Police Training Consultants, LLC will offer instruction in hostage negotiations and firearms training for female officers.

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Bruce D. Park - Instructor/Armorer

Bruce has been a member of the law enforcement community for over 30 years. He began his career in 1979 with the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department. He has performed duties ranging form Swat Team Medic to Department Armorer.

Looking for more excitement Bruce took a position in 1982 with San Bernardino City Fire Department as an Arson Investigator and Use of Force Instructor. He performed these duties until he retired after 14 years of service.

Bruce continued his law enforcement relationship with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department where he was the Sheriff's Senior Armorer/Instructor and a Reserve Deputy Sheriff assigned to the Firearms/Force Options Training Center. Bruce was serving as the Commander for the reserve training unit and was an instructor for the County's Use of Force training program. He was also the primary instructor for the Live Fire Shoot House Instructor Trainer program. He remains a member of the Sheriff's Department serving in the Specialized Services Bureau.
Bruce is currently employed by POF-USA, Armalite, Mc Millan Firearms, and Surgeon Rifles as an Armorer Instructor Trainer. He has developed armorer course curriculum and materials for many of the weapon systems produced by these factories. He instructs Armorer and Live Fire courses for these companies worldwide. He also assists in testing, evaluation, and development of new designs for these companies. Further he is tasked with producing the owners and armorer manuals for current and pre-production weapon systems for all four factories.

Bruce is certified as an FBI and NRA Police Firearms Instructor. He is also certified as a FBI Armorer, and is an Armorer for most major firearms manufactures. Bruce has held a California State Law Enforcement Teaching Credential for the past 20 years and has completed an MS degree in Criminal Justice.

Bruce has taught classes for many law enforcement, military, and civilian agencies across the U.S.. He has also instructed courses for Foreign Anti Terrorism Groups and law enforcement world wide. He maintains a passion and dedication for teaching and brings this to all the courses he conducts for PTC.

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