Advanced Sniper Extreme Course

 4-DAYS / 50 Hours                       Unknown Distance (500+ yrds)

Course Description:

This course is designed to teach, test, and evaluate Sniper craft skills and equipment over an extended outdoor training activity designed to simulate actual field conditions as much as possible.  Students will be required to camp on site and remain on site for the duration of the course except for travel on the last day to two other sites for training.  Students must provide their food and lodging equipment.  The training site provides for outdoor restrooms and camping sites as well as water.  Instructors will provide an administrative as well as a Tactical CP site.  This site will accommodate communications/first aid/and support all aspects of the training being conducted.

Course Activities:

Day 1 overall briefing and zero sight-in

Moving target engagement at 100 and 200 yards

Known and unknown distance shooting out to 600

Stalking problems

Night movement operations and engagement

Construction and use of hides for engagement

Urban live fire engagement from inside buildings

Urban live fire engagement from obstacles

Sniper initiated assaults on live fire house

Course Duration:

4 days, 50 Hours (Thur.,Fri.,Sat., and Sun.)

Course Location:

3 sites utilized: Ventura, California  Burbank, California San Bernardino California.

Class will commence 0800hrs day one at 2426 East Main street Ventura, CA 93003   (805) 652-1345

Course Requirements:

Students must have completed a basic sniper course and are equipped to engage in sniping drills with a minimum of zero time.

Tuition: $600.00 Per Person

Equipment Required: 300 rounds ammunition, Binoculars or spotting scope, Eyes and ear protection, Scoped rifle with cleaning equipment, Uniform for stalking, Flashlight and equipment for night problems. (call for additional recommendations).

Instructor: RON FRIGULTI Background: Ron is a former combat Marine. 25 years as an FBI Special Agent (Ret.). 17 years as Principal Firearms Instructor. 15 years FBI SWAT Sniper & Team Leader. FBI, POST, NRA, and Oregon DPSST Certified Firearms Instructor.

Registration Information: Reservations will be accepted by completing a registration form or by calling (877)308-3006 or (541)549-1090 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. A $100.00 non-refundable deposit will be required to reserve a slot in this course. This is a new course offering with a substantial response , so early registration is recommended.

Day One Briefing


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