5-DAYS                  Course Starts 0800 hrs

This is a new sniper course that incorporates sniping techniques from hides built inside a house structure requiring live fire at targets outside the house and also firing from elevated positions outside the house into the house structure at targets static and moving.  Urban tactical positions for live fire will be utilized both inside and outside the house.  The course will also include long range target engagement at metal responding targets out to both known and unknown distances of 500 yards requiring identification of target and range.  A metal moving target will be engaged at distances of 100 and 200 plus yards.  Range estimation using mil dots will be addressed with live fire exercises based upon such determination.  The first day of class will consist of equipment checks, zeroing the rifle for various distances, and review of rifle/sniper fundamentals.


Course Content:

 Rifle zero and equipment check           Review of rifle fundamentals

 Urban tactical rifle positions                 Short tactical stalk

 Metal moving target engagement          Known distance shooting

 Unknown distance shooting                 Shooting from inside house

 Shooting into house                             Shooting through glass


Tuition: $600.00 Per Person /includes 5 days practical application, and course manual.

Course Start Time: 0800 hrs unless otherwise advised.

Equipment Required: 300 rounds of match grade ammunition, Scoped rifle with sling, cleaning equipment, tactical equipment, eye and ear protection, spotting scope recommended (call for additional recommendations).

Instructor: RON FRIGULTI Background: Former Combat Marine, 25 yrs FBI (Ret.). 17 years as Principal Firearms Instructor. 15 years FBI SWAT Sniper & Team Leader. FBI Certified Firearms Instructor .

Registration Information: Reservations will by clicking the registration button at the bottom of the page which will email customer support or by calling (760)265-2999  between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Slots in this course fill quickly, so call early to reserve your position.
Mr. Frigulti and staff will provide weapon inspection, maintenance and adjustments as necessary for your rifle during the course at no additional cost.

Shooting At The 300 yrd Line.

 (yes, the targets look that far away to the shooters too)


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