M-15 (AR15/16) Armorer Course

 Taught by an  Armalite Factory Certified Armorer Instructor


This course consists of two days of hands-on intensive training with the major emphasis placed on learning the cycles of operation. Providing the participant the ability to diagnose and repair any issue with the Armalite series rifle system. Training will include the history of the Armalite rifle, firearms safety, cycles of operation, nomenclature, care and cleaning, disassembly and reassembly, maintenance, inspection techniques, gauging, parts replacement with fitting & adjustments, diagnosing and identification of problems with the Armalite rifle system. Participants, through intensive instruction will learn and be able to perform the following:

Standard Function Check                                  Field Strip the Armalite Rife, Level I & II

Disassemble an Upper & Lower Receiver          Clean and Inspect All Components

Repair or Replace any Worn or Broken Parts    Gauge All Specified Parts

Reassemble an Upper & Lower Receiver          Diagnose & Identify Rifle Issues

Perform a Full Function Check                          Prepare a Rifle for Return to Service


This course will be instructed by an Armalite Factory Certified Armorer Instructor and all students will receive a factory rifle repair manual. This course will certify LE/Sec/Govt/MIL armorers for 3 years.  Civilians who are working as full time armorers for businesses associated with the authorized repair/replacement of parts for ArmaLite systems will also be certified for 3 years.  Civilian enthusiasts attending the course to learn all of the advantages of the ArmaLite system will be given a certificate of attendance.


Individual:  $500.00 per student

Agency : $7500.00 (up to 20 students)  

Host Agency: Request Host Package and discount information.

Equipment/tools:  Carbine/Rifle to work on during class (need not be an Armalite model). Bench block, small nylon hammer, metal hammer, screw driver set, punch set, allen wrench set, Armorers wrench, upper receiver action block. Instructors will have all specialized tools and equipment and some extra tools if needed. Please contact us prior to the course if you need assistance with tools or equipment.

Instructor: Ron Frigulti or Bruce Park         See instructor profile for further info.

Registration Information: Reservations will be accepted by by clicking the registration button at the bottom of the page which will email customer support or by calling (760)265-2999 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. A $100.00 non-refundable deposit will be required to reserve a slot in this course. Slots fill quickly, so call early to reserve your position.


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